In what kind of jobs are they working? What are the industries they prefer? Where are they living? How was their QTEM experience?  We had plenty of questions and in August 2018 we launched a survey to all our alumni. We got more than 55 response % rate of reply and several interesting answers about how the profile of our alumni look like.

Starting in Europe but growing worldwide
Our alumni are quite young, as the network between 21 and 25 years old, even if only 37% of QTEM alumni are ladies the network is strongly committed to attract female candidates. Most of our alumni live in Europe. Quite logical considering that the network started in the old continent and that universities in other continents have joined in the last years (increasing their amounts of students gradually).







Consulting, banking and Financial services
Was not a surprise to discover that most of our alumni (61%) work around three areas: Consulting, Banking and Financial Services. There also several of them working at the information technologies sector (8%) and also some continuing their Academic career (6%). Most of our Alumni (81%) work on big international companies.





A degree that gets you a job
One of the most impressive results of the survey was the time that took the average QTEM student to find a job:  95.7% of alumni, looking for a work, found one within 3 months after graduation.





The network wanted to understand what where the motivations that moved our alumni to join the program when they were students. The main reasons where its international exposure, analytical learning, and high selection standards. Corporate exposure and peer networking are not the leading reasons to join but still have a weight on students’ decision.




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