It’s clear to everyone in QTEM how Corporate Partners are key stakeholders in the QTEM network. They offer internships, jobs and recruit talent between alumni and students. But there was a need that was still not covered, to offer also positions and recruitment in the social sector. Including international and recognized NGOs as Partners was a necessary step in QTEMs constant evolution.

Motivated to solve this need the QTEM board approved last September the inclusion of non-profit organizations as “Social partners of the network”. They will join in and have the same rights as Corporate Partners.

This inclusion opens the door for students and alumni to perform valuable quantitative internships and jobs while helping to improve the world. This goes in perfect alignment with the moto of the network: “Using analytics to create a better world”.

The QTEM central team is in advanced conversations with two of the most renown NGOs worldwide. They have expressed their interest in signing an agreement and start recruiting QTEM talent.

Usually this kind of organizations are more focused on the work on the field and less in the way the use their enormous amount of data. They need young professionals that can help them to process information in order to give more effective help. Managing medical supplies, planning the logistics to respond to a disaster or analysing the data to launch a funding campaign need a quantitative approach that QTEM students have.

Quantitative Internships at this organizations will be also valid as the internship needed during the degree. The Social partners together with the Corporate Partners will be part of the Advisory Council (with voting rights in the QTEM board). With their feedback they will help the network to improve and to stay close to the values behind QTEM.

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