A good read comparing our young network to other similar networks! We've accomplished quite a bit (and we're still in our teenage years!) -- and more is to come!

Read it here. 

QTEM's Secretary General, Bruno van Pottelsberghe, on this article:

A nice FT article on global networks of business schools, including the QTEM, initiated by the Solvay Brussels School-ULB jointly with four schools in 2012 and which now includes 23 partners worldwide. A great achievement in less than 8 years, to be compared with an alternative 32 years old network. Our network focuses on analytical techniques to improve all managerial disciplines and ultimately buid a better world. The article shows indicators - some of which are surely debatable - on gender balance, internationalisation, salary levels and salary increase. The article was released the day of our digital General Assembly, and the day before our graduation ceremony, where about 100 students will be graduated. As initiator and Secretary General of the network my pride goes beyond these indicators... it relates to the dynamism of the network, its ability to attract talented and multicultural students and, last but not least, the global friendly relationship we have nurtured with universities and companies. 



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